Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Veronique's Misadventures

Veronique is a young married 29 y.o. lady. She lives in a big city with millions of citizens everyday moving across crowded roads and public transport lines.
Veronique is tall and smart, from when she was really young she attracted all eyes on her stunning body: she has big rounded tits and is slim, hard ass and long legs, long blonde hairs. She had never hidden her beauty: she likes to wear giving evidence to her shapes with decollet├Ęs, miniskirts and even little transparent clothes allowing some interesting seethrough.

She likes to attract eyes but at same time she keeps distances and does not give confidence easily to strangers. When someone tries an approach she even not reply and continue walking straight on her high heels...

One day she was running to her job, she is a manager in an important company, but her car failed in starting. She tried and tried but no way... Really disappointed she just had to go work by public transport...

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